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I started fishing way back in 1979 at the tender age of 8. My late grandfather emerged form his loft with a dusty split cane rod, an old Intrepid reel filled with coarse nylon line and a bag of bits and bobs which included a few porcupine quills, some split shot and a few packets of hooks. I acquired an old margarine tub, punched a few holes in it and went digging in the garden for worms.

Those early days saw me catching plenty of roach and perch from my local mere on what now seems very crude tackle. As my fishing skills improved, so did the tackle. The rod was exchanged for a state of the art fibreglass one and the reel was swapped for the latest Shakespeare model that didn’t squeak with every turn. The fish also improved, with bream and tench becoming regular catches as well as the odd carp. I encountered my first pike when reeling in a small roach. It was grabbed by a jack of about a foot in length. 

As I hit my teenage years, I turned my attention to targeting specific species. Summer saw me carp fishing and when the winter arrived with the frosts, the boilies and hair-rigs were swapped for dead-baits and wire traces. I also caught many good pike on lures such as jointed plugs, spinners and spoons. A move to Cornwall in 2000 saw me swap freshwater for salt and I became predominately a lure angler.

I now fish specifically LRF style around the many harbours, piers, beaches and rock marks in Cornwall and Devon, trying to catch the many mini species that inhabit our coastline with flimsy rods, really light line and tiny hooks.

I also spend time each year fishing abroad. One of my favourite destinations is Tenerife, where I’ll fish predominately LRF style for species such as wrasse, damsels,  rockfish, pufferfish and bream from the local marinas, rockmarks and even rock pools. Another of my favourite holiday destinations is Aruba, a Dutch Island in the Southern Caribbean. You never quite know what you’ll catch from a place like this, but bonefish, snapper, grunt, grouper, mojarra, permit and jacks are the most common species that I encounter whilst fishing from the beach or rocks over rough ground. Another popular destination that I enjoy visiting is Orlando, Central Florida. Whilst here I spend many hours targeting the largemouth bass, probably the most popular species in the United States. 

No matter where I am in the world, the one thing that you can guarantee is that I’ll have a fishing rod with me.

About This site

In recent times, a branch of angling known as LRF has really taken off here in the UK. LRF, which stands for light rock fishing, is when the angler uses light rods, fine line, small hooks and tiny lures to catch an abundance of species that inhabit our coastline that you wouldn’t normally encounter. Fish such as dragonets, scorpion fish, blenny, goby, rockling and the smaller wrasse species such as the corkwing and goldsinny are just a few of the many mini species available to the LRF angler.

On this site you can see what rods and reels I use, what line is loaded onto each reel, what methods I use and my favourite selection of hooks, jig heads and lures. There’s also a section looking at various mini species that are available to the angler both here in the UK and abroad plus a picture gallery showing just a few of the species that I’ve encountered over the years.

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