Blue Finned Damsel


The Blue Finned Damselfish is a popular species for the home aquarium. It is a very rounded fish which is almost black in colour but posses long flowing fins with striking flashes of blue. The damselfish is a very widespread species and is prominent around the Canary Islands. It can be seen in shallow water along the edges of rock marks, harbours, marinas and rock pools.


The damsel is an omnivorous species meaning that it will feed on both plant and animal life. Small crabs, worms and shrimps provide the substantial part of its diet but it is also prone to eating soft corals. Damsels are a very aggressive and territorial species that will compete with each other for food.


The one thing that you’ll notice with the damsel is that it possess a tiny mouth, so when fishing for them you will need to use very small hooks, something around sizes 14-18. I’ve had most success using a split shot rig with a single AAA shot around 4” away from the hook baited with a tiny piece of Isome, no bigger than about 10mm, simply lowered down the edges of rock marks.