Common Blenny


Blennies are small fish that live in shallow water and can be easily distinguished by their long, single dorsal fin which runs along the length of their body. Blennies have no commercial value and they are inedible, so they generally thrive in their habitat. It’s only in recent years with the invention of LRFing that the blenny has become a target for anglers.


Blennies feed on invertebrates and worms in shallow water, hunting around boulders and kelp. Once the tide recedes, these little fish seek the sanctuary of a rockpool until the tide floods again. However, if a blenny can’t locate a rockpool it will instead hide in a crack or crevice, under a rock or within a weed bed. These fish are capable of living out of water for several hours as long  as the environment is damp.


Catching these little guys on LRF tackle is a relatively simple matter. Working small worm type lures around rocks and boulders in shallow water will catch these little guys as will dropping lures down harbour walls, where blennies quite often live in the wall cracks. Even rockpools are a good place to target this mini species. Using a drop-shot rig, split-shot rig or small jighead will catch fish.