The flounder is a species of fish that is classed in general terms as a flatfish. They are a rounded, diamond shaped fish who’s colour varies generally between light and dark brown. The majority of fish have a white underbelly, although it has been known that the odd fish has a brown belly too.

Common throughout the UK, they live and feed in shallow water, often coming within inches of the shoreline. They also like an influx of freshwater and will quite often swim up rivers through brackish water and into freshwater. 


Flounder are a very popular target fish for the angler due to their willingness to take a variety of baits, the willingness to venture very close to the shoreline and they are also a very popular fish for the table. They feed mainly on worms, crustaceans and molluscs, but are also willing to take baits such as sandeels and slivers of fish baits such as mackerel.


As for catching these fish LRF style, look for sandy shallow beaches, estuaries and harbours. Using a jighead, a split shot rig or employing the drop-shot method are all successful ways in which to catch flounder, just remember to keep your lure close or ideally on the bottom. Twitching baits very slowly with pauses will generally induce takes which can be very aggressive. Marukyu Isome and the Gulp Berkeley Sandworm are by far the most successful lures to use, but don’t discount other worm or crab type lures.