One very popular summer visitor to the U.K. shores is the garfish. The garfish have a long slender body with a greenish back that gives way to silver sides and belly with a long pointed mouth that possesses a set of tiny razor sharp teeth. Garfish are predominately surface feeders and are very quick over a short distance. They are known as the scout, as they generally appear a few weeks before the mackerel arrive.

Their diet consists predominately of other fish such as sandeel, sprats, herring and any juvenile fish that will fit inside their mouth. They can be caught from beaches, but the best places to try for them are in and around harbours, breakwaters and from piers. Although the British shore caught record is a little over 3lbs, they are pound for pound one of the best fighters if you use the correct tackle.

Small metal lures such as wedges, spoons and spinners will catch garfish as well as a vast array of soft plastics. I’ve caught the majority of my garfish using 50mm fish imitation lures such as the Gunki LS Whiz and the Gunki LS Kiddy mounted on a size 8 Spark Point hook on the split shot rig. Just remember, when specifically targeting garfish, they are surface feeders so keep your lures near the top.