Heavier Set-Up


HTO Rockfish

I’ll use this rod when I’m looking to catch larger fish, such as ballan wrasse, bass and larger pollock in heavier terrain. Even though it is rated at 7-28g, it is quite capable at firing out lighter lures if required. I find though that it is by far at its best when using lures between the 7-15g mark. It’s able to punch lures out of this size with ease and the sensitive tip enables you to feel what is happening to your lure underwater. Similar to the Shimano Yasei, it has enough backbone to set the hook but also handle hard diving fish.


This rod is paired with the Daiwa Ninja NJ3000 spinning reel. I opted for a 3000 size reel for this rod because I wanted a slightly deeper spool due to the fact that I use a heavier line. It’s a fantastic reel for the money and has a graphite body, a ratio of 4.7:1 and will hold 220m of 0.28mm line. It also comes with a spare spool which is very handy. 

This is loaded with 0.12mm Sufix Fusion braid, or 13lb breaking strain, in smoke blue. I also use a Sufix Invisiline leader of 13lb, around 3 feet in length.