In recent times, a branch of angling known as LRF has really taken off here in the UK. LRF, which stands for light rock fishing, is when the angler uses light rods, fine line, small hooks and tiny lures to catch an abundance of species that inhabit our coastline that you wouldn’t normally encounter. Fish such as dragonets, scorpion fish, blenny, goby, rockling and the smaller wrasse species such as the corkwing and goldsinny are just a few of the many mini species available to the LRF angler.

The beauty with fishing LRF style is that you don’t need to carry a great deal of stuff. The key here is to travel light and remain mobile. There’s no seat boxes, tripods, cumbersome rucksacks or beach shelters. A small lure bag and a rod and reel is all I need for a few hours lure fishing. 

In this section, I’m going to talk about the various items of tackle that I use. I’ll look at the rods and reels that I employ for the various methods of lure fishing and also talk about the different lines that are loaded onto each reel. We’ll also take a look into my lure bag and see all the other items that I carry, from lures right down to my selection of hooks, jig heads and split shot.