Jig heads


Ecogear Aji Chon

The Aji Chon jighead is designed to be used with small lures when fishing LRF style. The angle on which the hook sits makes it very difficult for fish to spit the hook, which gives you that split second extra you require to make sure you hook that fish. These are great for fishing on the drop and bouncing baits along the bottom. I use predominately the 0.9g, 1.2g and the 1.5g versions in hook size 7


Shirasu Head

Shirasu Jigheads from Ecogear feature a super sharp, fine wire hook for positive hook-ups, and are ideal for use in fresh and saltwater.

These are ultra fine and are brilliant for LRF because they give you superb presentation and with them being so fine they are ideal for thin worm baits such as the Marukyu Isome.

These are available in a range of sizes, but I use predominately sizes 8 and 10 in weights 0.9g, 1.4g and 2.3g


Gunki G Slide

Gunki Loaded G'Slide Mat Natural Hook Jig Heads are a truly dynamic loaded head with a distinctive missile shape.  With the weight distribution loaded to the front of the head you can generate sudden dives which will often trigger an attack.  Worked back more actively with fast short pulls you can get a lure to dart looking just like a panicking prey fish, absolutely deadly when fishing for pollock, wrasse, bass, mackerel and garfish. These are also great for using with worm baits on the bottom where you want the bait to sit upright.  I use predominately size 6 in 1.5g


Spro Freestyle Micro Glow

Spro Freestyle Tungsten Micro Jig Glow have a Tungsten jig heads that is smaller in proportion to the lead alternative which make them perfect for ultra light and micro jigging.

Made using world class Gamakatsu hooks the Spro Freestyle Tungsten Micro Jig Glow packets have 3 loaded heads per pack in 3 fluoro glow colours for ultimate attraction.

They also come in two hook patterns, a standard gape and a wide widegape.


Owner Cultiva Mebaru

These elongated jig heads come with a very long hook shank which I find perfect for all long, slender worm style lures. The shape is very versatile and being such fine wire, they're strong enough to land fish, but soft enough to bend out of snags.

They are available in a glow and non glow variety and come in weights ranging from 0.4g - 3.0g  and hook sizes 6, 8 and 10.