LRF Set-up



This rod is simply a pleasure to fish with. Weighing a mere 82g with a casting weight of 1-4g, it is perfect for fishing very light with either small jig-heads or when using the split shot rig. The rod has an HM carbon blank which has a regular action enabling you to cast out light lures easily without forcing or pushing the rod beyond its limits. The blank is very sensitive, enabling you to detect the slightest knock or take. I use this for all my fishing for the mini species such as blenny, goby, sea scorpions,  weever etc. Although it is extremely light, it will handle larger fish if required. 


When using a rod as light as the Reinbo 1-4g, it is imperative that you match it with the right reel. The Gunki THG 1000 is perfect to pair with this rod. Gunki have used a carbon composite material for the manufacture of the body and rotor as it offers the best balance between weight and strength. Weighing only 155g, this rod and reel combined is a perfect light set-up for targeting the mini species. It will hold 100m of 1.6mm line, has a ratio of 5.2:1 and has ten ball-bearings. 

This reel is loaded with Sufix Nanobraid 0.04mm, or 6lb breaking strain. I use a light Sufix 4lb Invisiline leader with this, either using a small jig-head or a split shot rig.