Madeira Goby


This species of goby is widespread throughout the eastern Atlantic, although it is more prolific around the Canary Islands. It grows to around 15cm in length and has a body that is characteristic of all goby species in that it is elongated. Its large dorsal fin is divided and it possesses various irregular spots that can be white, blueish or beige. 


This goby lives in very shallow water and can often be found in rock pools and around the margins of harbours and marinas. It will feed predominately on small crustaceans but will eat aquatic worms and small fish too. It lives around rocks and boulders or under any structure that makes them feel safe. It will swim around and scavenge, but generally it will lie in wait until a food source comes within striking distance of their lair.


Catching this fish on lures is a relatively simple matter. Small 1.5”-2” worm or fish shaped lures rigged on a jig-head and worked around structure in rock pools will catch fish. I’ve also caught plenty of these on bread flake whilst targeting mullet in marinas in the Canaries. If you don’t catch a goby after a few minutes from a certain spot, move on. If there are gobies present, you will normally catch one pretty quickly.