Madeira Rockfish


Madeira Rockfish are found in the eastern central Atlantic Ocean and the western Mediterranean, in depths up to about 40 meters. The colouration of these fish varies between individuals, but they are generally brown/white or red/white, although paler and darker individuals exist.


These fish are ambush predators. They lie in wait until their prey comes within striking distance, when they’ll lunge and inhale their victims with their large mouth. The one characteristic that these fish have is a very sharp dorsal fin and armoured gill plates which are highly venomous. Extreme care must be taken when handling these fish.


When targeting these fish, using bait such as strips of squid or prawn is an option, but by far the best and most successful method is to use lures. Small worm and fish shaped lures around the 2” mark and rigged on a small jig head will catch these fish. Red, brown and dark green lures are the most successful colours, although I have caught fish using pink and yellow. Work the lures slowly close to the bottom near structure and wait for the fish to strike.