Ornate Wrasse


The Ornate Wrasse is a colourful Wrasse species that is native to the Eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a shoaling fish that inhabits depths up to 150m, but is quite often seen and caught in very shallow water around the coastline. The males and females have different colouration, although both sexes have striking blue and green markings.


Ornate wrasse are classed as a cleaner fish and can quite often be seen cleaning other fish of parasites. They grow to around 20cm in length and are a very popular species for the saltwater aquarium. They eat small molluscs and crustaceans and are therefore classed as a carnivorous species.


When it comes to catching these fish, it’s generally regarded that it is harder to not catch them than it is to catch them. They are not fussy eaters and will beat most other fish to your bait or lure, appearing out of nowhere the second you cast in. Float fishing with bread, sweet corn, prawn or squid will catch fish, as will soft lures in the 2” range fished on a drop shot rig, split shot rig or a jig head.