The pollock is a great fish to target with lures.

They are a mobile predator which will feed at various water levels but will rarely take food from the bottom. Young fish live inshore, generally around piers and harbour walls, feeding on small fish, shellfish and worms. It’s only when they grow and mature that they move off-shore, requiring larger food sources such as fish.


By simply looking at a pollock, it’s clear to see that they are an out and out predator. The huge eyes these fish possess enable them to see amongst the dark kelp and their large mouths are used to engulf prey. Smaller pollock will stay in-shore in loose shoals and are the perfect target for anglers using light tackle. Although seen as a summer species, they can be caught all year round if the weather is favourable.


I’ve had most success catching these fish with a small jig-head rigged with either a 2” piece of Marukyu Isome or Berkeley Gulp sandworm. Other lures such as the Gunki LS Whiz and the Gunki LS Kiddy, both in 50mm, have also caught me plenty of fish. Other good lures to try are small spinners and plugs, as well as feathers. These fish are quite delicate, so handle them with care and release them as soon as possible.