Sea Scorpion


The sea scorpion is an inshore species that is present throughout the British Isles and Ireland. It is a small fish with an average size of around 75mm-100mm. 

Sea scorpions possess four spines which are situated just behind their eyes, which are very close together and situated on the top of their heads. Scorpions also have a tapered mouth and very large mouths.


This fish is an ambush predator and extremely aggressive for its size, often lying in wait until a potential meal passes by. It will then shoot out from its rocky lair, grab its meal and retreat back to the sanctuary of its home. Scorpions are also known to hunt and scavenge for foods too. It will feed on fish, prawns, worms and any other food source that it can find.


When fishing for this species, I’ve found that it’s best to work small lures around rocks and boulders slowly using either a jig-head or a split shot rig, although I have caught this species on a drop shot rig. If there’s a scorpion present, the chances are it will appear from nowhere and inhale your lure. Sea scorpions aren’t too fussy, any small worm, creature or fish lure will catch fish.