Although Weevers are a very small species, only growing to around 8-12 cm on average, they strike fear into fishermen, bathers and surfers alike due to their venomous dorsal fin. The Weever fish will live in very shallow water in the summer months, burying themselves in the sand with just their eyes and spines protruding, waiting for a meal to pass. This is when they are generally trodden on by bathers and surfers.


Despite their small size, they are aggressive and opportunist predators that will try to grab any small crustacean or fish which pass close enough to them. Once the sun starts to set, Weevers will leave the sand and swim freely in loose shoals and hunt for food. They aren’t particularly good swimmers, but are very fast over a short distance which enables them to catch things such as small fish.


Some anglers do everything possible to avoid Weevers, whereas others, like myself, are more than happy to catch them on LRF tackle. They aren’t fussy eaters, and will happily consume anglers’ baits such as sandeels, ragworms and lugworms to name a few. The best way to target them though is with small 2” lures rigged on a size 8 or 10 jighead. Keep your lure moving about on the bottom and if it passes close enough to a Weever, the chances are he will grab it. Some anglers wrap them in a cloth to un-hook them, but I find simply lip gripping them is the best way to unhook them and release them.