The Sargo, or White Sea Bream as it’s commonly called, is a species that is located in the eastern Atlantic and western Indian Oceans. These fish are very sought after and are known for their culinary values when eaten fresh. Sea Bream can be found around the surf zone, shallow water rock marks and in and around harbours and marinas.


They can grow up to 45cm, but the average size of the White Sea Bream is 25cm. They are omnivorous and live on a diet consisting of things like seaweeds, sponges, crustaceans, worms, molluscs and fish. They will live singly or in a loose shoal. They are a very hard fighting fish, especially when using light tackle, so if you hook a reasonable sized one, be prepared for a battle.


A lot of local anglers around the Canary Islands use a float and bait such as squid and prawn to catch these fish, but they fish for the table with crude tackle. For ultimate fun, fish light with lures such as paddle-tails, flukes and worm type baits. I’ve caught most of my White Bream using 2” strips of Marukyu Isome on size 8 jig-heads.